Learning Stories

  1. As an ANT student I want to make a good start with the project Creative
    Technologies in order to finish the module with a sufficient (or higher).- I have read the manual and the assessment forms and structured all the requirements:

    – The 3 selected technologies:

    – I enrolled myself for my class on Blackboard.

  2. As an ANT student I want to discover the possibilities of ….. (eg. the Spotify
    API), in order to make ….. (product).
    Technology 1
    Technology 2
    Technology 3
    Justification Technology Choice
  3. As an ANT student I can think of an application that use one or more
    technologies in order to show non-technical people the value of that
    technology/those technologies.

    Definition of Done:
    ! You’ve thought of one or more applications and described them in your blog. Think
    about applications that make use of one technology as applications in which you
    combine multiple technologies.
    ! You’ve written for each application what the value could be for a final user and how the
    user can interact with the product.

  4. As an ANT student I want to be able to explain my problem in the English
    language, so other people/experts are able and willing to react on it.

    Definition of Done:
    ! You have described the essence of the problem.
    ! You have made a minimal test case, with which an expert can reproduce the problem
    without too much hassle.
    ! You have posted the problem in the Blackboard forum of even better on a forum that is
    related to the chosen technology.
    ! You have also described the problem (including links and relevant solutions) in the
    corresponding development step.

  5. As an ANT student I want to be able to divide a big project into small
    development steps in order to minimalize the chance that I get stuck and I
    cannot continue.

    Definition of Done:
    ! You have posted a minimum of 10 development steps (about 2 to 4 a week) in the blog.
    ! The title of the development step contains the number of the step.
    ! You have described your approach, used sources/theory and learning experience for
    each development step. You also mention the amount of time you’ve spend on the step.
    ! You have a clear result as outcome for each development step. You’ll make a short video
    and when possible (for example with JavaScript frameworks) you can also show working
    code online (e.g. with codepen.io).

  6. 6. As an ANT student I want to document my progress, development steps and
    learning experience on a weekly basis so the teacher can supervise and assess
    me in an appropriate way.

    Definition of Done:
    ! You have kept track of the development process in your blog.
    ! You have posted a ‘retrospective’ on your blog at the end of each week (Friday, Saturday
    or Sunday), in which your reflect on that week:
    o What went well?
    o What could be better?
    o What should be better?
    ! Based on the retrospective you mention your To Do’s for the upcoming week.
    ! You have attended the scheduled moments to talk with your supervisor and exchange
    knowledge with fellow students.
    ! You have written a final reflection on what you have reached and learned during this
    project. What makes you proud?

  7. As an ANT student I want to be able to make an appealing video tutorial that
    serves as an portfolio item, in order to show to a future employer that I have
    sufficient technical knowledge and skills to develop useful, creative and
    interactive products.

    Definition of Done:
    ! You have shown the application you’ve created in your video tutorial and what the user
    can do with it, so that the functionality and the value become clear (maximum of 2
    ! You have explained how your application works technically, so you can show your
    technical knowledge and skills.
    ! You have shown the most important development steps in your video tutorial (you can
    embed this in your technical explanation that is mentioned above).
    ! You have put a video tutorial with a duration of 5 to 6 minutes online (YouTube of
    ! You have added a portfolio item in your Behance.net portfolio:
    o A short description of the assignment.
    o A motivation on why you’ve made something with this technology.
    o A link to the video tutorial on YouTube/Vimeo
    o A link to code, images and other interesting elements for your portfolio.


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