1.2 Justification Technology Choice

o Your main question.

How can I make a mobile installation with camera that can track faces and follow them? 

o Motivation for the technology and your application idea.

I am interested in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. When it comes to integration of 3D into real footage one of the methods that is being used is tracking.

Working with Arduino and OpenCV in Processing makes me able to track the position of a face and using servo motors to keep it always in the center of the frame. In order to make the installation more portable I will try replacing the functionality of the laptop with a Raspberry Pi.

  1. How OpenCV works? What is the syntax of the library for Processing.
  2. Using an external camera instead of the one of the laptop.
  3. Creating an animatronic eye with a camera inside.
  4. Controlling servos using the face position.
  5. Programming behaviors.
  6. Working with Raspberry Pi.
  7. Raspberry / Receiving image from the USB camera.
  8. Raspberry Camera and Open CV.
  9. Controlling servos with Raspberry Pi.

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