1.9 Reflection (whole project)

What I have reached/achieved:

I managed to get knowledge and experience in the following directions:

  • Arduino + Processing
  • OpenCV
  • Product design and prototyping
  • Camera streaming and image processing
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Python
  • Deeper understanding in servo motors

What I have learned:

I feel that my biggest mistake is that I had a clear goal in mind – making an animatronic eye, which can track faces. In this way I didn’t give myself enough freedom in experimenting and discovering the broader possibilities brought by the technologies I have chosen. I straight away developed the final prototype, without spending enough time to document my mistakes and struggles, which forced me to have a bit of a reverse development process – starting with the final product and figuring out ways to justify it. Despite that I still have managed to experiment and learn from those experiments.

The possibilities offered by Computer Vision are almost limitless.

Even though, this project is not related to my career path, I do believe that it thought me an important lesson about project management and work process.


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