1.7 Retrospective(week 1.6) & ToDo(week 1.7)

Retrospective 1.6

  • What went well?

I managed to take a photo, record a video and play live video from a USB Camera attached to Raspberry Pi. I experimented with the Raspberry Pi Camera module and I succeeded in capturing an image, making a simple script to automatically do it and capturing a video.

I managed to install the OpenCV library on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian OS. I experimented with Processing for Raspberry Pi.

  • What could be better?

I had major issues with the camera and Processing. I thought it is because I had too much libraries installed, which collide with one another, but even when I invested the time for a clean install of Raspbian with pre-configured Processing, the issues where still there. I wish I could re-adjust my Arduino+Processing code for Raspberry, but unfortunately it didn’t go that way.

  • What should be better?

Instead of trying to figure out a solution to a problem by searching online or writing in forums (slow), I should personally contact local experts from the field, who can help me out.

  • Time spent

18 hours

To Do 1.7

  • Since OpenCV and Processing didn’t work out well, I am going to concentrate on OpenCV and Python. The first step is to get some understanding of the Python basics and syntax.
  • I need to be able to control servo motors via the GPIO interface of the Raspberry Pi.

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