1.6 Retrospective(week 1.5) & ToDo(week 1.6)

Retrospective 1.5

  • What went well?

I managed to install Raspbian. I understood the difference and functionality of different SD Card formatting tools, I managed to update Raspbian and all the libraries included.

I learned how to assign a static IP address to a device, through my router. I learned how to control remotely a raspberry using VNC.

  • What could be better?

I did the testing of the servo motors while they were attached to the wooden platform, because I didn’t have set the angle diapason of the rotation one of the motors broke the wooden part of the installation. Because I was lagging with my progress I decided to proceed to the Raspberry part of the project.

  • What should be better?

I should have spent extra time to lazer-cut a new platform for the prototype, which will be more stable and durable. I should have dedicated one full day for the Raspbian and VCN installation, instead I did it in several days and that led to mistakes, simply because I missed several steps during the installation process.

  • Time Spent

18 hours

To Do 1.6

• I want to install the OpenCV library for Python on the Raspberry.


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