1.5 Retrospective(week 1.4) & ToDo(week 1.5)

Retrospective 1.4

  • What went well?

I learned what are the variations in the mechanism of animatronic eyes. Managed to make a hardware prototype, which is essential for the continuation of this project. I worked with acrylic materials and laser cutters for that material. I managed to make a product design.

  • What could be better?

If I was using a laser cutter it would have saved me quite some time, since I was braking and remaking many parts during the construction. Time spent for Dev. Step #4 – more than 16 hours.

  • What should be better?

I really wanted to hand-make the first prototype. Even though things were breaking quite often and had to re-adjust many of the components. I was stubborn and refused to switch to laser-cutter, which would have saved me many issues. I should have used a different material for the main prototype – Acrylic plastic(which I used for the raspberry pi cases) is definitely a better option for that purpose compared to wood.

  • Time spent.

25 hours +

To Do 1.5

Since I already have the hardware prototype, now I can move to the integration between Processing and Arduino.

I need to find micro SD cards, some adapters for HDMI and USB hub. I need to Install and setup the Rapsbian OS.


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