1.4 Retrospective(week 1.3) & ToDo(week 1.4)

Retrospective 1.3

  • What went well?

Learned how to work with the face detection parameters of Open CV. Detecting the whole face is way more accurate, than detecting separate face parts such as nose, ear, eye or mouth. I learned how to stream through my laptop camera and capture live video using Processing.

I learned how to list available cameras and select from which one and with what parameters to stream video.

  • What could be better?

When it comes to troubleshooting USB devices after checking cable connection the second most useful tip is to reinstall driver.

  • What should be better?

I could have made more progress this week if I used a camera, which is more common for such projects. It is a similar mistake to the one from last week with the installation of the OpenCV library. If I aim for potentially “better” results – I sacrifice time, which often I don’t have.

  • Time spent

15-16 hours


To Do 1.4

In order to continue with the building of my product, my next step is to experiment with servo motors, in order to do that I need to build the physical part of the installation. I am also preparing for the next step of the process – Raspberry Pi.


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