1.3 Retrospective(week 1.2) & ToDo(week 1.3)


  • What went well?

I learned: how to recognize the point with the highest brightness, which can be very useful for object tracking, how background substraction works and what possibilities it brings when it comes to security cameras, the code behind automated image filters,

  • What could be better?

Investing time in getting the most up-to-date software/library is often time lost.

  • What should be better?

I should get better at my time management, since I spent went too much time “playing around” with the code instead of continuing further and I didn’t document most of the experiments.

  • Time spent on the step



To Do 1.3

Next week I want to learn how the Face detection and face tracking of OpenCV works,
Draw a Square around a face and track the x and y position of the middle point of the square. I also need to figure out how to attach an external camera.


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