1.1 Technology 2 – Raspberry Pi


o What do people make with the technology?

o What do you like to make with it?

  • I would like to use it in order to replace and cover the functionalities of the Arduino and the PC. So that the interactive installation would be more mobile

o Which other technology do you need to work with this (eg. JavaScript).|

  • Raspbian OS / Linux
  • Python

o Which documentation and/or tutorials you’d like to use?

  • Lynda Course: Learning Raspberry Pi
  • Lynda Course: Raspberry Pi GPIO
  • Lynda Course: Python 3 Essential Training
  • Lynda Course: Learning Python 3 Standard Library
  • Lynda Course: Open CV for Python developers
  • Book: Open CV for Raspberry Pi

o Do you have a technology in mind that you could combine this technology with?

  •  It would be great if I use it in combination with OpenCV.

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